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When can I use the track?

Now! The 60 date schedule is posted on the home page. Please visit the Sign up for a Track Day/Tour Page.

How much does a Membership cost?

We have two types Founding and Associate:

Each Founding Membership carries a one-time fee of $110,000 which includes applicable State of Connecticut Dues Tax of $10,000. The monthly dues for 2008 are $550 which includes the applicable State of Connecticut Dues Tax of $50.

Each Associate Membership carries a one-time fee of $27,500 which includes applicable State of Connecticut Dues Tax of $2,500. The monthly dues for 2008 are $275 which includes the applicable State of Connecticut Dues Tax of $25.

How many dates a year will be available to Members of The Club at Lime Rock Park?

The Club will have 60 dates of track usage of which each Founding Member can select 60 dates and each Associate Member can select 10 dates.

What will the initiation fees and dues be used for?

The initiation fees will, among other things, be used to help fund significant track improvements including paving, a new pit lane dedicated to Club Members, a Clubhouse, and new bathrooms.

What does Club Membership entitle me to?

Please see Member Benefits page of our Website.

Where is The Club at Lime Rock Park located?

The Club at Lime Rock Park is located at one of the most historic tracks in the United States, Lime Rock Park, in Lakeville, Connecticut, amid the splendor of the Litchfield Hills, by car less than two hours from Manhattan; by helicopter, less than 30 minutes.

How do I become a Member?

Please see the Reserve a Membership Number page of our Website.

After I become a Member, how do I schedule a date to use the track?

Each Member will be able to secure track dates by calling The Club at Lime Rock Park. Even without a prior reservation, a Member can call The Club to see if there are spaces available on a given day. The Member can then book the date on a first come, first serve basis.

What are the Club's Hours of Operation?

The track is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

How many Memberships will be sold?

Only 300.

What type of vehicle can I drive on the track?

Any automobile (except SUV's, trucks, or vans) can be driven as long as it passes a safety inspection and complies with the applicable noise regulations. Most of our Members will be driving street legal cars from manufacturers and makes such as: BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus, Mustang, Corvette, Mazda Miata, Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi Evolution, Shelby Series 1, Audi, and even a Mini Cooper S. Vintage cars and race cars are also welcome. Open cars must have suitable roll bars.

Who can do my saftey inspection?

Any reputable dealership or an independent, certified mechanic can do the safety inspection. A technical inspection form will be provided to you. It needs to be filled out and turned in before automobiles can be driven on the track. Inspections are also required at regular intervals to insure safety.

Will there be a chance to compete in amateur competitions against other Members?

Yes, The Club may host competitive timed events for Members from time to time.

I just purchased a performance vehicle and want to improve my driving skills. Will The Club be for professional drivers only or can anyone join?

The Club at Lime Rock Park is designed for Members of all levels of driving skills. The concept is to bring together individuals with the like-minded interest of enjoying their automobiles in the safe but unrestricted environment that a closed racetrack facility can provide. All Members and driver guests of The Club at Lime Rock Park must have attended an approved Driving or Racing School, or be otherwise qualified, prior to being allowed to use the racetrack.

How do you insure that other drivers have similar skill levels and equipment during a track session?

The Club's Operations Manager and staff will evaluate every Member's abilities and experience. He will group sessions by car type and skill level.

What type of Safety Equipment is required to go on the course?

All participants must present a valid driver's license and be 18 years or older, wear helmets with a current Snell certification, and all automobiles must receive a safety inspection. The use of convertibles on the course is prohibited unless they are equipped with a suitable Roll Bar inspected and approved by the Pit Lane Manager or Lime Rock Park Operations Manager. Some OEM equipment is not suitable for high speed track use, but may be allowable for normal practice sessions. Roll Bar suitability will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the staff of Lime Rock Park or The Club at Lime Rock Park to insure the safety of all drivers on the course.

When will Membership Dues be payable?

Membership dues will be payable starting in January of 2008. The Club will offer a discount of one month if a Member pays his or her dues one year in advance.

Can I finance my Membership through The Club?


Can I have my Company buy The Club Membership?

Yes, but The Club Membership must be in the name of an individual. Please go to the Contact Us portion of the site and ask a representative to contact you regarding purchasing a Membership by your business. Can I sell my Membership?

Yes, Memberships may be resold through The Club, which will have a resale department. Please consult the Membership Agreement and The Club's By-Laws.

Can I change my mind and get a refund?

Yes, for thirty days after submission of your completed application.

Can I lose my Membership?

Yes, if a Member stops paying dues for more than 180 days Membership privileges will be suspended. The Membership can be reactivated upon payment of a reinstatement charge or The Club will resell your Membership for you if you wish. In the event that a Member demonstrates that he is endangering himself or others then he can be suspended or removed from The Club.

Are there places to stay near Lime Rock Park?

Yes, there is a great variety of accommodations close by with significant additions coming in the next two years. Please refer to the Area Amenities for the details of fun, family oriented-activities.

Who will I be on the track with?

Only with other Members and their guests - no outsiders. All Members will be evaluated for driving ability and experience. You will be placed in a run group that best suits your skills as well as your vehicle's performance.

Can my guests drive?

Yes, driver guests will be allowed to participate for $750 per day on a space available basis. A Member is allowed unlimited guests, but any individual guest is limited to two visits annually.

When will the Clubhouse be built?

We expect The Clubhouse to open in 2008. Initially The Clubhouse will be located in the Paddock Area where the Media Center currently stands. This will be easily accessible to the new Member's only pit lane.

What is the best way to get to The Club at Lime Rock Park?

Please review the directions page.

What if I am hungry during my visit to the Club?

Lime Rock Park has several concession areas with good food. Additionally, food will be available in the Clubhouse.

I would like to submit a question.

The Club at Lime Rock Park will answer your question via email.

  • Test your limits on our exciting 1.53-mile course
  • Drive at your own pace in a safe environment
  • Meet and get to know other automobile enthusiasts
  • Participate in "gentlemen's competitions"
  • Hone your road racing skills under real track conditions

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You are invited to join us for a pulse-quickening day at Lime Rock Park. The Club is open and the cars are roaring around the track. If you’re ready to experience the thrill of road course, no-speed-limit driving at its best, sign up for a track day at A one-time guest fee applies and can be applied to your first month’s dues or initiation fee when you join.

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